Glamour Health Challenge & Kayla Itsines

Hello beautiful friends!

Glamour NL set the motto and we couldn’t resist in joining…! With bright eyes these two girls accepted the challenge for participating in the Glamour Health Challenge, promoted by Glamour NL Magazine in Amsterdam.

On the 6 June, the worldwide top fitness guru Kayla Itsines came all the way from Australia to meet the fitness enthusiastic of the Netherlands. BBGgirls from all corners of Europe united in one single event, to meet the person, who inspires one of the biggest online communities of positivism and empowerment of woman!

The day started with a Yoga Class followed by a fashion show promoted by Zalando.

Joana and Liliana with Lotta Breed from

Many stalls and brands were represented at the event, offering samples and promoting their products. The catering was also delightful with delicious papayas stuffed with yoghurt and nourishing salads from Lavinia. A restaurant that foodies will love, nourishing and healthy. Add it to your check list in a next trip to Amsterdam!

fotografia 4
Fresh Papayas
fotografia 5
Nourishing salad bowl from Glamour Health Café

We must say that we fell in love with Deblon Sports, a Dutch sportswear company, which manufactures their workout gear in Brazil. As good Portuguese, we loved the concept and the quality of the clothes, exactly what a girl needs for working out: The right thickness of leggings, softness, bright beautiful colors and fashionable design. Worth visiting the online shop!

Image (1)
Deblon Sports

Here’s a picture of our favorite outfit! Isn’t it gorgeous?? You must admit so 😉

Image (2)
Green mint shorts and bra

In the afternoon the moment we all were waiting for, had finally arrived! Kayla Itsines, the one and only, showed up and made us sweat and sore with her full body workouts!! The environment of the bootcamp was simply amazing, and the best part is to get to know other girls, facing the same challenges, and going through the same journey. Being able to share it, makes everything much smoother and the support received is very empowering and motivating! All together we did abs circuits, jumping lunges, squats and faced our biggest fear: Burppees!!!

fotografia 1

We met Lotta Breed, an inspiring blogger from The Hague and we have been following her ever since. If it wasn’t for Kayla and the Bikini Body Training Guides, we probably wouldn’t have even crossed each other’s lives, so as they say it’s not about the destination but the journey! Check Lotta’s Blog here.


After the bootcamp, we had the chance to interview Kayla for BelivingBeautiful at the Press Conference. When asked how does she feels when so many girls gather to meet her, Kayla simply smiles. A smile so inspiring that we know she’s proud of herself, of us and of the efforts every girl put together to make a change in their lives every single day. Also to note that her favorite breakfast is an acai bowl, so undoubtedly a recipe we’ll try at BeLivingBeautiful to share with you (but keep it as secret for now)…! 😉

fotografia 4
Press Conference

fotografia 2

A well spent day, full of inspiration, laughs and sweat, which we would do all again (gladly)! It was such a pleasure to meet so many BBGgirls and to engage in the community of fitbloggers.

fotografia 3
Joana, Kayla, Liliana, Lotta

A huge THANK YOU to Glamour NL for this very successful event! We cannot wait for next year’s surprises and challenges.

We totally felt like champions my friends 😉


Joana & Liliana


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daphne says:

    Hey there I am a fellow BBG GIrl too and I have to do a commented translation for my studies and while looking for info of the conference press (which I’m translating into german) I stumbled across your blog. Just wanted to know how big the conference room was and maybe who was there like bloggers, journalists? Thanks in advance you would really help me out 😉


    1. Hello dear 🙂 Glad that you came accross my blog and of course I can help you 🙂 Maybe if you leave me your email I can send more pictures in case you need it. The press conference was in a small meeting room, and we were around 13 bloggers there, all from the Netherlands (I am from Portugal but live here). The Glamour Beauty Editor was there and also Rens Kroes, who is the sister of the Victoria’s Secret model Deutzen Kroes. Kayla’s boyfriend distributed press gifts at the end which were the foam role, and the water blottles, and we also had catering served in the room with papayas and other healthy food from an organic restaurant in Amsterdam.
      I believe there’s a vlog on youtube regarding this event and if you search for Glamour Health Challenge Amsterdam and might find more videos with the backstage.

      If you need more info let me know 😀 Sure i can help 😉


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