Managing oneself: From good to exceptional!

Hello beautiful friends!

Achieving a high performance can be easy for some people, however not so simple for the majority of us! See below a few tips for improving your strenghts and let me know what your techiques are 🙂

Boost your strenghts

Over the centuries of our human history we have seen many talented people who have a gift or a special talent. However following our passions and discovering the areas in which we are extremely good are not that easy for the majority of us 🙂
People now have choices and unless we are one of those brilliant people, able to create wonderful things, we might have to understand our strengths weaknesses and know how and when to change the work/ things we do.
I believe this can be also considered as a personal growth experience to become more self-aware. Therefore to make it easier for me, I always prefer writing things down or to draw a concept map like “a vision board” in order to evaluate my strengths and areas of improvement.
So take a pen and a paper and start writing or drawing your life! 😛

1. Start focusing on your strenghts!
List a few things that you are really good at and try to concentrate on them. You should always focus on yours strengths as they are the areas in which you will always achieve better results.

2.  Improve your strengths.

You should spend as little as possible focusing on your areas of low competence (as already being optimist) the further you can go is to an average level, and consequently it’s not worth wasting your energy and time focusing on improving these aspects. On another hand when focusing on your strengths, you can go from good to exceptional and that’s really what matters for you!
Evaluate and decide which training you might need to get to boost those competencies and skills.

3. Find a mentor or someone inspiring that can teach you.

Having someone (normally on a senior position or a certain level of wisdom in life) is always a good strategy for you to learn from their past experiences and mistakes.
Invite/ask someone directly to be your mentor. Either a senior colleague, your boss or a person that you believe to have the qualities you are aspiring to improve.
– Follow society’s role models and leaders you may admire. Reading their biographies often offers some food for thought!

Keep tracking your achievements and revisiting your lists to measure your progress. This is one of the best ways to better understand the areas in which you can achive a high performance with positive outcomes.




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