Day 8: Health Benefits of Watermelon

Hello my beautiful friends!

Watermelon is a staple food for summer picnics and summer time in general. With about 92 percent of its weight coming from water, watermelon contributes to fluid intake to help keep the body well hydrated.


By staying hydrated, you keep your memory sharp and your mood stable! 🙂 

Also, watermelon provides plenty of antioxidants including vitamins A and C and lycopene, which helps reducing the risk of complications from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, macular degeneration and arthritis.

Watermelon is fat-free, low in sodium and only around 40 calories per cup.

Health Facts: 

  • Vitamin A: It’s fundamental for your skin and eye health, keeps skin and hair moisturized, and it also encourages healthy growth of new collagen and elastin cells. Promotes healthy skin.
  • Vitamin C: Boost the immune system’s defenses against infections and viruses and can protect your body from harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging.
  • Lycopene: Promotes an increased inflammatory response, and the activity of molecular signaling agents. It is also a well-known antioxidant, with the ability to neutralize free radical molecules. It also aids in sun protection.

Stay Informed,


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