50 Days of the 100 Healthy days Challenge

Hello beautiful friends,

It’s crazy to see that the 100 Healthy Days challenge is already half way through and I didn’t even notice the time passing by…


The past couple of months have been extremely crazy! 🙂 Working on a major conference in China, whilst managing other professional commitments and duties, trying to have a personal life as much as the workload allows and also making sure I still have time for myself and to nourish my relationships. It’s not always everything pretty and beautiful, and at some point our health should be REALLY the priority.

During the past 50 days, I spent 18 days travelling. Portugal, Switzerland, UK, South Africa and Namibia. Stamps in the passport may seem nice, but sleeping in airplanes, showering at airports and living on a suitcase may not sound as fabulous as some nice pictures 😉

With this challenge I’ve also picked up on things I used to enjoy doing as drawing and painting! From a mental health perspective it boosted my mood and decreased stress levels (without any doubt!!!) Strongly recommend painting some mandalas.

I’m really happy that I’ve embraced this challenge during summer time, as it keeps me motivated while travelling and more aware of the deviations I might do while away. I also feel more confident and happier when I see progress and muscle memory when I get back!

The challenge also makes me push harder when I’m in the Netherlands as travelling always breaks my healthy routine, which I have to build over and over to avoid unnecessary injuries (I’m very persistent though 😛 )

I’ve also mastered my smoothie skills 🙂 and I would encourage you to check my Instagram account for some yummy inspiration!!!


Lastly I want to thank all the support I get as it’s very important to feel empowered and loved. Success is all about up lift each other, and I’m grateful for those who are doing this challenge with me at a distance of a click 😉

IMG_3829 IMG_3826 IMG_3800 IMG_3779 IMG_3774 IMG_3768 IMG_3758 IMG_3693 IMG_3568 IMG_3528 IMG_3500 IMG_3093 IMG_2862 IMG_2809 IMG_2808 IMG_2806 IMG_2804 IMG_2790 IMG_2783 IMG_2740 IMG_2536 IMG_2273

Stay beautiful,


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