Balancing the 4 elements of Life

Hello beautiful friends,

As promised I’m sharing a few insights on what I consider to be the 4 elements or dimensions that we have to keep balanced in our lives.

From my perspective we are only able to perform at our best when we have these  4 elements balanced (and in peace)! In line with this belief, a successful person is someone who has mastered a daily routine to encompass activities covering these 4 dimensions:

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  1. Physical: Everything starts with health! To improve health outcomes it is important to nourish our bodies with the right nutrients as they are our fuel . If one makes right choices they will achieve desired outcomes. In addition it is fundamental to stay hydrated to eliminate toxins and renew oxygen in our systems.
    • Tip: Always bring a bottle of water wherever you go!
  2. Emotional: Cultivate positive emotions and get rid of toxic relationships. We do not need negative people in our lives to hold us back.
    • Tip: Be mindful of your actions. Do good and good will come your way!
  3. Mental: Build willpower! Find the right techniques to train your ability to focus. Like a muscle that needs to be exercised, our brain and willpower have to be stimulated on a daily basis.
    • Tip: Challenge yourself to do do something that you would rather not do, your willpower will get stronger as you accomplish these tasks (and it is very rewarding)!
  4. Spiritual: Define the purpose of your life. When something truly matters we will certainly put more energy in achieving it. Understand what motivates you and set a goal for each day. Be mindful even if your mind is full…
    • Tip: Monitor your progress with vision boards and don’t ever forget to always write down your goals and design a plan on how to achieve them. Drawing specific objectives will make you succeed.

The journey of balancing these 4 elements is NOT easy at all, but deeper we go within ourselves (trying to find answers and a purpose) better it gets. Self – development is a journey, get busy improving yourself.

Enjoy the ride 🙂

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Stay beautiful,


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