Daily Routine: 5 Week days in The Netherlands

Hello my beautiful friends,

Some of you have been asking about my daily routine in the Netherlands, and mainly how do I balance my full-time job with a healthy and active lifestyle. First of all, I have to say that I completely don’t like the word “routine” if you consider it to be associated with ordinary and boring activities… No, not at all! That’s not who I am as I enjoy embracing challenges and do things out of my comfort zone.

From my perception a routine is something absolutely different… it’s related to habits – good habits – that you develop, monitor and improve over time to make you feel good with yourself and your life. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of research regarding the importance of developing good habits, morning routines and how successful people design their days to be more productive and goal-oriented.

Daily routines are therefore very important to increase consistency and to keep focus on goals and objectives. As I always say a good routine will lead to a better life. 

When I’m in The Netherlands I do certain activities on a daily basis, however in this post I will mainly focus on sports and nutrition. Without any other delays let’s jump into my last five days and on the things I did to nourish body, mind and spirit, as one cannot exist without the other. 🙂

Monday, 18 July:

I work accross diferent timezones so quite often I have late evening conference calls. On these days I work out around 7pm, and have dinner by 10pm. It’s not the ideal situation but at least keep activities on track. This time my call started at 11pm and I finished the follow by 3am. Time to sleep!!! 🙂

Breakfast 🙂
Monday – Leg day after a week in Portugal (that’s painful 🙂 )
Dinner: Chicken, broccoli, tomato, cucumber! Had dinner by 10pm as I had a Conference call at 11pm
FitBit Dashboard
MyFitnessPal Dashboard


Tuesday, 19 July:

I knew in advance that I would have a dinner party with friends later in the day, so I switched my training session and did 2 Kayla Itsines circuit trainings (and a foam roll session) by 7am before going to the Office – Yes I had 4 hours of sleep. After work I went straight to the beach for our lovely gathering 🙂

Morning foam roll session – 7am
Lunch at the office: Chicken breast, broccoli, tomato, avocado and cucumber.
Dinner: Grilled tuna steak in a bun. Salad on the side
FitBit Dashboard
My FitnessPal Dashboard


Wednesday 20 July:

Our office is only 15 minutes far from the beach by bike, thereby as the weather has been fantastic these days we went together for a quick lunch outside (which doesn’t happen frequently as we always have lunch at the office). After work I did an amazing training session focusing on abs, shoulders and back. I dedicate the majority of the evenings to self developing time 😉

Lunch: Smoked slamon and prawns salad



Thursday 21 July

Didm´t have much free time on Thursday as the day was fully packed with other activities, however i managed to go for a run outside and enjoy the warm weather 🙂 Had a very nourishing lunch at the office and a productive day!



Friday 22 July

Amazing how I had the same food for breakfast during the past week… I can tell that I wasn´t very inspired! On Friday I did legs and cardio but as my knee has been so painful these days I tried to incorporate some new exercises! Shared a video on Instagram 🙂 Take a look here!


Stay beautiful and be active!


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