Let’s talk about beach essentials

Hello everybody!

Every Summer has its own story of lazy days and fireworks. The beach is calling and it’s fundamental to be fully prepared to embrace the hot summer days gracefully! 🙂

In today’s post I’m sharing some of my essentials and products I like to use at the beach! Let me know your favorites so I can also further explore and discover new activities or products!

Beach Bag

I always do my best to pack light and normally I tend to choose multi purpose items that I can use in different occasions. There’s no secret that I love Ted Baker – it is of my favorite brands – and I truly like all those girly prints and fancy cut. I got this bag last year (with a matching t-shirt and trainers) and I believe this bag is one of the best options to use either as a beach bag and daily bag while on vacation. It’s light, gorgeous and makes the perfect casual chic look that every girl desires 🙂

Find similar options here.

Water Bottle

During my last vacation in Mallorca I was very proud to finally be able keep a routine while travelling! As soon as I would get to the beach I would run 2,5 – 3km every day and between sprints and jogging along the seashore, hydration was one of the most important aspects to keep in mind!

I really like these Tupperware water bottles as they are easy to use and wash. You can even add lemon or peppermint to make a delicous detox water for summer time. There are different sizes and colors to choose from, however I prefer this mini pink bottle as it  easily fits in a purse – it’s the smallest in the collection. I have 3 sizes and love them all: the smallest, which I always carry around; a medium size for the gym and the biggest (1L) to keep on my desk at the office.

Find the Tupperware bottles here.

Small Bags and Products

I always carry two small bags with different products: One with sunscreens and other products I may use on warm summer days; and a second with the water bottle and a piece of fruit or a snack.

Visctoria’s Secret
Bag from Victoria’s Secret

 Products mentioned:

Piz Buin suncream & Oil with SPF 50 and 30 respectivelly.

Anthelios XL Tinted cream SPF 50+.

Love Spell fragrance mist from Victoria’s Secret.

Hair spray protector from Furterer.

Beach Towel:

A recent discovery and already a favorite! Love this beach towel from Mrs. Ibiza as it’s light to pack and can serve as a beach towel, a scarf, a pareo and a blanket. I love these nude colors but there are many colors to choose from! Take a look at their page here: http://www.mrsibiza.eu/

Summer readings:

A good romance is my guilty pleasure during summer days. I can’t simply go to the beach without a book as I get bored quite easily… I know there’s plenty to do on the beach, but after running and swimming for about 20 minutes I feel completely ready to enjoy a good read.

During my vacation week I read Stephanie Clifford’s first novel, Pessoas como Nós in the portuguese version and Everybody rise in the english version.

This book was reccommended as “the” summer book in Vogue’s summer reading list. I couldn’t agree more!  It’s funny, hillarious, easy to read and clearly portrays the values of today’s society. It take us on a journey to re-consider our priorities and objectives in life, making us reflect on common interests, privileges and principles. Worth reading.

English title: “Everybody Rise”

It’s time to enjoy and relax!

Palma Beach – Mallorca, Spain


Wish you all a great Summer break and remember to always look around, be present and explore!

Stay beautiful,


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