Be kind. Be world class

Hello everybody!

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts on nowadays’ core values of business and societies when a very powerful message stuck in my mind. Suddenly I found myself thinking about kindness and therefore I would like to share a few thoughts with you.

Gratitude is a great way to go through life and if we go deep in everything we do, we’ll achieve world class performance as long as we stay humble and grounded. We tend to pursuit happiness – that’s human nature – and no heart is ready to suffer, however looking for happiness in the next relationship, next job, next country in which we’ll live, will definitely not contribute to our real and long term happiness. In fact, I am convinced that looking for happiness in the “next event” will never ever make us truly fulfilled.

I learnt it the hard way, but failure is as important as success because no-one achieves success without knowing that taste of failure and disappointment. It is important to realize that every action can turn into a flop, but better fail trying then living in the grey area of comfort zone where nothing will ever growth.

These concepts and believes make me wonder… what’s the most important thing in life? 

The only story we fully know is ours, and we often question ourselves about the direction of our paths. Furthermore, if we don’t know where are we going how come can we expect others to know theirs and sometimes be so demanding and insensitive to the people around us? Two words: Be kind.

The business world needs more kindness and societies need more humanity. We don’t know which battles are our friends, neighbors and colleagues facing every day, so why judging someone’s life upon misperceptions that we may never understand? Be kind. The world will give you back kindness – That’s karma!

Small gestures can have a huge impact in other people’s lives so next time you pass by a strange on a street just smile. The surprised look in return will certainly make your day.

Be kind.

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