It’s all about Motivation

Hello world,

 It’s been ages since my last post… I didn’t have time, discipline, commitment or even motivation to write. The last 3 months of 2016 were incredibly busy and I could easily find an excuse not to post, as my travelling schedule and professional agenda were just insane. In fact, I wasn’t even getting enough sleep so how come I would have time for blogging?

We managed to run an International Conference in China for 600 pharmacy leaders, moved to a new house in The Hague, did all my MBA assignments and tried my best to be present for my family in a hard period. The year 2016 definitely took a toll on my health and it’s often very easy to think about everyone else and place everything else above ourselves.

Living and learning… Fast forward to today I can say that I LEARNED… a lot. These lessons will always be planted in my mind like a small seed that grows and blooms in a beautiful flower!

Yesterday we were talking about human motivation at our Leadership class at the MBA and it got me thinking. Isn’t motivation the most important thing in life? The engine of our world? The strength that leads one to pursuit our dreams or simply get things done?

What happens when one has no motivation, no passion, no grit? The world simple gets stuck in its belly, which I may say, seems shockingly happening…

People want change, but don’t want to change.

Doesn’t change have to come from within alongside with a high level of motivation, discipline and self-awareness?

Easy solutions, often bring less rewarding achievements. Shouldn’t we strive for doing better instead of doing good?

We have to aim high and work towards our goals building willpower every single day. Otherwise, we are just watching the days passing by not engaging with ourselves or the people around on a deeper level.

Go figure human motivation…

From my side, I’m on my 12 day of clean eating and regular exercising, coping with a busy agenda but feeling grateful for the rewards life has given me so far. Feels great to be back on track building discipline and will power 🙂 2017 is the year of change and one has to be at the highest level of performance in order to be ready to embrace new challenges. Let’s make it happen!



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