Skincare Routine: hydration, nutrition & products 

Hello girls!! 🙂

Yes today I’m talking mainly to you, beautiful ladies in different parts of the world that have been asking which products do I use on a daily basis – at least when I’m more disciplined to follow a multi step routine 🙂

In the morning I always cope with these steps as the cold and windy weather in the Netherlands is extremely harsh on my skin, and considering that I exercise a lot and travel even more, hydratation becomes even more important.

A glowy skin shows from inside out. As I always say nutrition is the fuel for our bodies and therefore depending on the quality of your nutrition it will be reflected in many aspects of your well being, including the skin.

The most important thing is to drink water- at least 2L per day! I have a 1,5L bottle on my desk and it has to be finished by the end of the day… Everyday! I’m very disciplined with my water intake. Same applies to flights, specially long ones in which is very important to keep the body fully hydrated in order to be awaken and productive upon arrival.

Regarding nutritional aspects it’s important to know that antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, and A can decrease the damages caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals (which increase signs of aging and may harm the skin). To boost your antioxidants intake try to eat more berries (Bkueberries, strawberries, blackberries), vegetables (as spinach), quinoa and tomato (tomato is extreme rich in lycopene).

Hence we cannot forget the importance of omega 3 – fatty acids which block the entrance of external toxins and pollutants in the body by keeping the external layers of the skin stronger and cohesive. Try to increase your intake of salmon, eggs, walnuts and sardines. Just thinking about sardines and I automatically miss my country!! Ehehe

If you’re doing all the steps above correctly, then is now time to focus on the products that may boost your internal efforts! 🙂

I have sensitive skin, a little more oily in the T-zone (nothing major) and I suffer with rosacea since a very young age so I have to be extremely careful with skincare protection and always choose products with SPF.

Due to this medical condition I stopped counting how many times I had to switch my skincare routine over the years. However I have found a routine that works and I enjoy following (otherwise it’s pointless to do something we don’t like).

Thinking about consistency on a long term basis…


I tend to alternate between two cleansers depending on the needs of my skin. I  prefer the Lancôme cleanser on warmer days as it feels very nourishing but still light and fresh. On the other hand the carrot butter from the Organic Pharmacy is absolutely fantastic (especially for sensitive skin). It has a ticker consistency and leaves a thin oily layer (not greasy though) that makes your skin feel awake.

In terms of masks I always reach for a product that can give an extra boost of vitamin C to my skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps rejuvenating aged and photo damaged skin, besides beeing an essential component in the production of collagen. This mask from Organic Pharmacy is my favorite and believe me I tried several… 🙂 It cleanses the pores very effectively, without being harsh on the skin

Products mentioned:

Lancôme, Galatée Confort:

Carrot Butter, The Organic Pharmacy:

Enzyme Peel Mask, The Organic Pharmacy:

Toner, Micellar Water & Make up Remover

At the moment I am using the micellar water from Bioderma, but I prefer the one from Avène as with Bioderma I always have to pass several times in the same area with the cotton pad. They have travel sizes available which is an advantage though, but in general Avène is my favorite pharmacy brand.

As for make-up remover I prefer Lancome Bi-Facil, however a good cheaper alternative is the L’oreal Triple Action, which is also very effective. For toning the face, I’ve been using the same toner from Estée Lauder for 3 years so it says everything 😉

Products mentioned:

Micellar water, Bioderma:

Toner, Estée Lauder:


Clinique has developed what I consider to be an excellent product with a nice roll on feature that makes it easier to apply. Pep-start does everything it promises and it is not an expensive product. Easy to apply on long flights making you look fresh upon arrival! The Estée Lauder eye cream is very nourishing but heavier than pep-start, so I only use it at night time. I’m about to finish this container and will not re-purchase it.

Pep-star is heaven in a bottle!

Products mentioned:

Eye cream, Clinique pep-start:


My main concern when choosing skincare products is the percentage of water in their composition, especially because I have sensitive skin always exposed to many environmental aggressions as different temperature, weather changes, flights, gym, etc.

The Hydra Zen line from Lancôme is simply amazing (has a boost of vitamin E), however I prefer to use the fluid in winter time. Now I’ve been completely converted and prefer Hydra beauty gel creme from Chanel as the formulation has a light consistency between a gel and a cream – not oily, not heavy – just perfect. The Lancôme mask is perfect for night time as it repairs the skin and acts as an anti-stress, making your skin glow in the morning 😉

In terms of Serums I am using the Micro Sérum from Chanel which is simply fantastic! Skin hydration increases by 33% with daily use of this product and to be honest you can notice the difference since day 1. The micro -droplets are only active once in contact with the skin, releasing their extracts for continuos hydration. A must have! My favorite product ever.

Products mentioned:

Hydra Zen Mask, Lancôme:

Hydra Zen Fluide, Lancôme:

Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, Chanel:

Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum, Chanel:


I only reach for this product when my rosacea is really painful and I need to appease the skin. Thankfully is not a daily use product! 🙂

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