Why don’t people stick to New Year’s Resolutions?

Hello everybody,

It’s 2017, a new year ahead – even though is almost mid-February – new opportunities and dreams to follow. On 31st of December we normally think about new objectives, lessons learned and tend picture ourselves achieving all the results that we missed throughout the year – which we had committed to in the year before… A complete failure (if you allow me the political joke here 🙂 ) !

This makes me wonder… what’s wrong with New Year’s resolutions?

In fact, many things go wrong, especially the unrealistically high expectations we set for ourselves which normally are an euphemism for disaster. Only 8% of the people achieve their New Year’s resolutions and by the end of January almost 80% has already given up.

Why so many people give up on their dreams?

I would say lack of planning… In 2017 I am committed to become healthier, to feel unstoppable but most importantly to prepare for a radical change in several aspects of my life. Nevertheless, I am fully aware that I can only perform successfully if I take care of myself first.

So here’s what I did to monitor progress towards my New Year’s goals:

  1. In a A4 list all your Goals.
  2. Prioritize these goals in a scale (1 to 5 for example) and set deadlines for accomplishing them.
  3. Visualize yourself achieving these goals and how you would feel about it.


  1. Divide a piece of A3 in 12 boxes and on top of each box write down the months.
  2. Divide each month in 4 tabs: Professional Life, Personal Life, Health, Other Goals (here I write Museums, books to read, etc)
  3. Write down your Goal Deadline in a different colour.
  4. In each month/ category break down your goal into smaller steps so you can measure progress over time.
  5. Keep on doing it! Hang your papers on the wall and keep track of your life.

One practical example:

Let’s say you want to master your knowledge on health systems performance by October –Each month you’ll dig into the specifics of 3 health systems, talk to people from those countries, ask opinions, debate ideas for improvement… Even before you notice, you have rocked it out!

Change doesn’t come overnight, it involves a lot of hard work, commitment and discipline that people often tend to ignore. Smaller steps towards a big goal are easier to accomplish and will give you the motivation to become fearless and unstoppable.

You own it to yourself, let’s do it together!

Stay beautiful,



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