Melbourne – Australia

Hello everybody!

I was recently in Melbourne attending the strategic meetings of the Education Department from FIP at Monash University. I had been to Australia before in December 2015, again to attend our strategic meetings however I realized that never shared any insights regarding my trip with you. These meetings have a packed agenda from early morning to evenings also including social and networking events, therefore it doesn’t allow  high level of flexibility to explore the city.

Nonetheless, combining pictures from my two trips to Melbourne, I hope I can provide a good overview of this marvel city.

Australian Lifestyle: Having a good sense of humour is a massive part of being Australian (and a trait I personally adore), and embracing  life and all its quirks is just part of their mindset. Casual and informal, Australians expect everyone to be treated equally and people are so friendly and kind literally EVERY WHERE!!

Melbourne Food: Melbourne is an exciting city to our senses as it brings together a series of incredible dining experiences in which fusion cuisine assumes a preponderant role in the celebration of happiness and life. One should learn how to party like Australians… just saying! 😉

City Vibe: Melbourne is known for being the coolest city in Australia. I would add one of the coolest cities in the world… It was named the most liveable city in the world and the reasons are Obvious, good transportation, amazing quality of living, good weather conditions, proximity to the sea, multiple cultural options, healthy mindset and above all so many things to explore – from the Victoria Market to the Yarra river! Let the groovy vibe break into your soul 😉

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour: A breathtaking vineyard  in the surroundings of Melbourne where we had a beautifully well prepared dinner, whilst enjoying a magnificent range of wine varieties. The combination of colours, tastes and aromas was incredible. Superb!

So, let’s begin… Where have I been? 😉

Parkville (Where Monash University takes place):



Melbourne Zoo, Parkville


Melbourne Zoo Twilights

Kangaroos!! 🙂





City Centre:64fa0717-3970-4aba-a1a5-0bc13ed19da87ede9d18-938d-4fbf-abc4-f4a94de7b5b5


Victoria Library

Yarra River

Victoria Market

Victoria Library
Flinders Station


Queen Victoria Gardens


Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour:img_8792img_8805474d5030-7668-49ad-ab90-786906c9aa1c2c8d8e8a-3070-4d57-bcf8-97b495968c809573f7e1-416c-40f2-9ab2-e3ad26865ae6

Stay beautiful,


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