Madrid me gusta!

Hello everybody!

I have a confession to make… I love Madrid! Madrid is a happy place and I enjoy every single hour I get to spend in the city – Yes I always take the last flight home on Sunday evenings.

Last month my parents joined me in the city for a short break while I was in classes, however we still got the chance to visit Retiro – the outstanding park in the middle of the city – and to enjoy some tapas together! You’ll definitely love Madrid if you’re a foodie, there’s bars, tapas and pinchos everywhere simply to delight your senses.

I also feel very lucky because when in Madrid I get to gather with the most bright and interesting group of like-minded people at IE Business School. This experience has been terrific and so much eye opening, which also contributes a lot towards my perception of the city. Our motto – Work hard, party even harder (which we do very successfully I must say ahahah).

 These pictures are a compilation of several times in Madrid,though I hope you get urged to visit the city! Enjoy! 🙂

Spanish new world discoveries
Flight readings
EMBA first sightseeing in Madrid – Sept 2016
Parque del Buon Retiro


Mercado San Anton
Parque del Retiro

Prado Museum
Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Mercado San Anton

Mercado San Miguel

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