New meal plan and fitness routine

Hello everybody!

As promised before in this post I’ll explain my new meal plan and training routine. As you all know professionally speaking the past year was extremely challenging for me and took a toll on my health, therefore after China I moved into a new house and had to slowdown.

For one year I worked nonstop, including while on vacation and weekends, which on top of business trips and extreme gym sessions left me with little energy to carry on.

Therefore I stopped. Slowdown. Tried to listen my body. In December I ate with no restrictions and tried to balance body, mind and soul. Mental health is extremely important in this triad as otherwise nothing fits into place.

Throughout January and February I’ve started working out again, trying to understand the best way to balance a busy schedule (working full time, business trips and MBA) with a healthy lifestyle. To ensure I wouldn’t push myself too much or too little I’ve started exercising with my personal trainer at least twice per week and I’m following a meal plan designed especially for my needs: rich in omega 3 fatty acids, complex B vitamins and protein. Following this nutritional plan has been quite easy as I truly enjoy eating healthy, the only problem was to re-introduce carbs (healthy carbs) in my diet without feeling guilty.

As before China I wasn’t working out or sleeping properly (4 hours per night over almost 3 months), I completely cut carbs from my diet thinking I was being super healthy. I wouldn’t even cook with olive oil as I was super afraid of those extra calories… Silly thoughts. In the end I was being my worst enemy and trying to be super healthy actually crashed my metabolism and increased cortisol levels.

I’ve only realized that I was being too extreme when my best friends visited in December and said “it’s just crazy that you don’t even have olive oil, salt, sugar, flour, rice or pasta in your kitchen, that is not healthy at all…”.

Now I am realize that I was gaining weight because of stress and extremely concern in being healthy.

Fast-forward till today’s post I can share that I’m enjoying a lot my new training routine – only 1 hour a day to feel energized and happy – and when I can’t exercise because I simply have too much work on my plate is simply fine. I’ve learned my lesson 🙂

My day (when at home):

I normally wake up around 6.45 – 7am, head to the office around 9 am and spend the entire day at my desk. As for my training session it always takes place after work (around 6pm) and dinner is also post workout meal. As I go to bed between 12 and 1am, I need a warm meal for dinner as after dinner (9pm) that’s when I normally continue to work on MBA assignments until bed time. I sleep on average 6 hours per night normally less, 8h on weekends in case I’m tired but only because I don’t need much sleep to feel good.

Food wise my current plan looks the following:


  • Lemon tea 20 minutes before breakfast
  • Lean quark (maximum 5 tb spoons)
  • Oatmeal (2tb spoons = 20g)
  • Seeds < 1tb spoon
  • Fruit (maximum 100g)

Snack 1:

  • 10 almonds (20g) – I have an office job so I sit the entire morning and therefore don’t need extra calories in my snack.


  • Salad and/or vegetables (100g)
  • A piece of lean protein (30g)
  • Whole grain bread (maximum 2 slices) or any other healthy carb source (30g)

Snack 2:

  • Apple (maximum 100g) + muesli (60g)
  • Or granola bar (with no artificial sugar)

Dinner (it’s also post workout meal):

  • Vegetables (150g)
  • Protein: Meat (100g) or fish (130g) or 2 eggs
  • Carbs: 2potatos with size of an egg, 50g of rice or whole grain pasta.

Snack 3 before bed (if needed):

  • 1 small avocado or half avocado

I’ll be following this regimen for a month to understand how my body reacts to carbs and to this new training routine. I’ll keep you updated in a month, wish me luck! 🙂


Stay beautiful,


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