Feminism – Are we really helping each other?

Hey folks,

In a time when the dialogue about wrongdoing, sexual harassment, overpower and women’s rights, is served for breakfast nearly everyday, I decided to challenge my train of thought by watching the new Netflix show, The Cable Girls. If you haven’t heard about this show, I may warn you that it must be one of their best productions ever! Not only it’s highly addictive but EXTREMELY GOOD!! It’s a new Spanish series about a group of young ladies, who started working at a prominent telephone company in Madrid in the early twenties.

If like me, you’re already adding 1 + 1, I may say that any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence…

Nevermind, going back to the commentary on the show… This might be one of the most brilliant shows I’ve seen in ages! It’s a true echo to friendship, feminism and women’s empowerment. Not far from our reality, the show portrays a time when women around the world had to fight for their rights, defy the odds to become independent and often leave everything behind in order to find happiness.

Sadly to say, however the struggle is still real. We still have to fight misogyny everyday in multiple different occasions, not only at the workplace but also in our closest circles. I can’t help but thinking that it shouldn’t be this hard to achieve gender equality.

Especially here in the US, I see myself actively engaging in the dialogue on gender equality and yet I can’t understand the reason why women don’t uplift each other. We tear each other apart instead of collectively speaking up, to encourage a fair conversation to break down stereotypes and gender biases.

Times haven’t changed much since the 20s. In my humble opinion, these behaviors keep occurring mainly because women haven’t also changed that much. We must praise and celebrate each other as individuals and acknowledge that we are all in a quest to be independent and self-sufficient. Though, unless we raise up as a unique voice, things won’t change any time soon.

It’s often said that men made laws to protect themselves, but we now have a voice and this voice needs to reach the right platforms to be amplified. The world hasn’t evolved dramatically and we wouldn’t need feminism if women weren’t abused everyday through words or gestures; we wouldn’t need feminism if some groups weren’t privileged; and ultimately, we wouldn’t need feminism if we as women wouldn’t be our best enemies.

I am against to any form of discrimination and I would never say that one gender is more entitled than other, however there’s certainly room for improvement and it’s up to our generation to educate our kids, boys and girls, to acknowledge and celebrate their differences in open-minded and critical ways.

If we want the world to be a better place, we need to be critical and look for nuance in the gender and diversity dialogue. We should all ask our counterparts, colleagues, friends and family to broaden their horizons and go beyond their comfort zone by challenging the status quo. Shall we all start today?

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your opinion 🙂

Stay beautiful,



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