Apple Oatmeal Recipe

Hello everybody! Apple oatmeal is my favourite twist on plain oatmeal. I love the taste of apple and cinnamon and this is one of my favourite winter breakfasts, full of nutrients and ideal to keep you fully energised throughout the morning. Oatmeal nutritional information: Oats are a whole grain cereal high in fiber, especially beta-glucan, and are…

Shall we go to the Supermarket?

Hello guys! Everything starts with a visit to the supermarket! If you set the goal to eat healthy and make good choices it’s important not to underestimate the importance of grocery shopping. Supermarkets are sophisticated marketing systems and everything we see in the shelves, sample booths and even the light & smell are intentionally created to…

Vegetarian Cuisine: chickpea curry pastries

Hello my beautiful friends, At the beginning of 2016 I set the goal to further explore Vegetarian Cuisine and to ensure that (at least) one day per week I would only eat vegetarian food – No meat or fish! Since then, I have been trying different recipes and playing with spices (not being always successful…

Healthy banana pancakes

Hello my beautiful friends! It’s summer time in The Netherlands however as most summer days here, one never knows what the morning may bring, and therefore today is one of those “beautiful” rainy days in which we cannot go outside without a summer anorak! (Yesterday was bright and sunny though!) Whilst dreaming about warm summer…

Day 10: Detox Anyone? Green smoothie recipe

Hello my beautiful friends, By now you already know I love green smoothies, especially when in need of a cleanse, detox or just because I’m craving it. They are a super healthy and an easy way to increase your daily intake of greens, veggies and fruits.

Day 8: Health Benefits of Watermelon

Hello my beautiful friends! Watermelon is a staple food for summer picnics and summer time in general. With about 92 percent of its weight coming from water, watermelon contributes to fluid intake to help keep the body well hydrated.

Day3: 3 Healthy Brunch Ideas

Hello beautiful friends, Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and therefore on Sundays I always take time to enjoy my mornings having a healthy brunch, either at home or at my favorite pleaces in town. Today I’m sharing a few of my lazy homemade brunch ideas and recipes. What’s your favorite option? Let me…

Day 2: Summer calls: Pink smoothie recipe!

Hello my beautiful friends, On warm summer days I always prefer to have a fresh smoothie for breakfast, so lately I’ve been enjoying myself in the kitchen trying different smoothie combos. By now I believe that I have mastered my pink smoothie combination and I’m sharing my – all natural – favorite recipe with you….

Cranberry Fit Cookies | Bolachas Fit de Arando

Hello my beautiful friends! I tried this cookies’ recipe over the weekend and they are the perfect snack on the go or simply when you crave something sweet. The cookies have butter in the recipe, so eat them in moderation! Let me know in the comments section if you liked it! 🙂

Pre-Christmas Detox Smoothies

Hello my beautiful friends! 🙂 Not only I love smoothies but also enjoy trying out new recipes with different ingredients. Since I got back from my business trips, smoothies have been my go-to meal, and here are my top 3 healthy smoothies for a beautiful detox (before indulging during the Holidays Season). Let me know…